About Us

The mission of TAP PLANNING SERVICES is to be a full concierge service, where all of your life insurance underwriting needs are completed within the firm.

In order to underwrite a case successfully the first time, the process should initiate at TAP PLANNING SERVICES.  Our firm makes the life insurance underwriting process as smooth and simple as possible.  My team’s turnkey approach allows us to handle the underwriting, the contracting and licensing and full case management administration with the end result of delivering you a policy within the quickest time frame at the best possible underwriting.

TAP PLANNING SERVICES, has life contracts and access to all of the large life insurance carriers (30 plus carriers).  The principal of the firm, Tricia Arnone, has been working in the industry with over 25 years of underwriting experience.  The firm works with challenging medical conditions, multi-generation planning, illustrating the financial need for coverage and underwriting some of the most difficult cases.

We specialize in obtaining large lines of 25mil+ death benefit and have designed large cases.  We have placed cases for several of the wealthiest families in the United States where the total coverage placed was in excess of a billion dollars.

In addition, to the large case underwriting, we are equipped with a team of dedicated experienced professionals to support and assist with case management, and giving the ultimate concierge service no matter how large or small.The procurement of life insurance is an art, not a science and TAP PLANNING SERVICES is uniquely positioned to provide the best underwriting results.